One day a very small man walked
into a café in the North Zone

and ordered: "I want a cup
of very hot, sweet coffee..."

adding: "I shan't pay,
because I fear no one."

He drank his coffee.

He left.

He drank his coffee and left,
and he didn't pay.

The café owner said nothing,
he was afraid of making a scene.

But when the little man kept coming back
to drink his coffee without paying for it,

the café owner said:
"I got it, I'll find a big man

to rough up the little man if he comes back."

So, on the fourth day,

when the little man said, "I want
a cup of very hot, sweet coffee."

the big man came up and interrupted him,
asking: "So you're afraid of no one?"

"That's right."

"Well, neither am I."

"Well...", said the tiny man,
"in that case, better make that two cups

of very hot, sweet coffee."