On earth there are many people and many animals and many plants. Earth is a busy place. This is ok for most parts of the earth, which don't mind all these people and all these animals and all these plants crowding on top of them, they even find it kinda cosy. There are some parts of the earth however which are a little bit grumpy and get easily annoyed by all this busyness. They experience this busyness as an annoying rash on their skin. To get rid of the rash, these parts of the earth left the earth and went up towards the sky, they went up and up and up, until the people and animals and plants could no longer follow them. These places are called mountains. The only ones bothering these mountains are the sun and every now and then a brave human being. The mountain doesn't mind the sun, because the sun is quiet just as the mountain is, but the mountain does mind the human being. The human being always leaves a flag on the mountains nose which is a sensitive point of the mountain and which is hard to scratch. The mountain does not understand why the human being comes and bothers him. Doesn't the human being understand that the mountain wants to be alone? Why else does the human being think it would it be here, on the edge of the world?


Flea Market

When people die in the village all of their things go to the flea market. Many people come to the flea market to buy the old things and take them home and give them a new live. The flea market is organised by the church and is run by volunteers. The volunteers are all very old and they are all members of the church. Working on the flea market makes the volunteers happy.

The volunteers tell each other it is better to give old things to the flea market than to throw them away. Perhaps somebody else can use them they say. When the volunteers die their things will also go to the flea market. Their clothes and their armchairs and their radios and their cutlery will go to the flea market, but they don't go themselves. They go to the sky, where the heaven is. In heaven there is no need for a flea market because there are no old and new things in heaven and everything will stay there for eternity. The volunteers don't know what they will do with their time yet when they are in heaven, but they know that doesn't really matter because time doesn't really exist in heaven, but they do know they will be happy there, which is more important anyway.


My Mothers Head

My mother carries the fridge in her head. She also carries the cupboard in her head. The fridge is filled with cheese and the cupboard is filled with jam. She takes the cheese and the jam out at noon and puts them on the table. The jam from the cupboard and the cheese from the fridge. The jam and the cheese disappear in my mothers head together with the bread. The bread shelf is also in my mothers head. After she puts the bread and the jam and the cheese in her head, she cleans the table and puts everything back. The cheese in the fridge and the jam in the cupboard, and the bread on the bread shelf and all of it, in the back of her head.



The world is divided in two parts. There is a western part and an eastern part. In the western part of the world there is tea and in the eastern part of the world there is also tea. Both in the west and in the east the tea is served in cups, but the cups in the west are different than the cups in the east. The cups in the west have an ear. With the ear the cup in the west likes to listen to its surrounding while enjoying its tea. It likes to listen to the other cups and exchange the latest news, the small town gossip, and laugh and chit chat.

The cups in the east don’t have an ear. They don't like to listen to their surroundings or to chit chat when they enjoy their tea. They just want to enjoy their tea.



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